Those with only two legs.

Yao-Hua Law


Ahmed Santuraki Aliyu (2013- )  [Co-supervisors: Dr. Ganesan Vadamalai & Dr. Lau Wei Hong]
~~Potential insect vector(s) of the orange spotting disease in oil palm

B. Sc. students (Final Year Project)

Aina, Dayah, Taqi (2012/2013)
~~Antipredation behaviour in Silana farinosa (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
~~Grouping behaviour in Silana farinosa


Asmah (2012/2013)
~~Hunger and predation effects on S. farinosa feeding

Suhana, Mieza, Azzu (2011/2012)
~~Tritrophic interactions of diamondback moth, cabbage, Indian mustard (trap crop) and a predatory Pentatomidae (Hemiptera)
~~Antipredation behaviour in Silana farinosa (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Norsabariah, Fandi (2011/2012)
~~Escape response of diamondback moth on cabbage and Indian mustard (trap crop)
~~Diversity and abundance of fruit flies Bactrocera spp. in UPM farms